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Maagan Eden – About Us

The very beginning dates back to around 1969 when – during its formative years – Maagan Eden served as a holiday village for families; it gained popularity as time went by and became a favorite location for camping in tents and caravans. Over the years the area has developed, considerable resources have been invested and, nowadays, people are already aware of the fact that when one says “the holiday village on the Sea of Galilee” that means Maagan Eden – a foremost holiday village bordering the shores of Lake Kinneret, immersed in green vegetation and spectacular pastoral landscape, offering you a dream family vacation with the standard of a first-class hotel.

A perfect lakeside resort

When we designed Maagan Eden we thought of every single detail, so that you and your children will enjoy a pampering accommodation experience as one would expect when staying at a real lakeside resort. Thanks to smart architectural design that blends in with the unique landscape of the surroundings, at Maagan you will enjoy a harmonious and tranquil vacation around the clock. The superb location of Maagan Eden on the southern shore of the Sea of ​​Galilee (also known as Lake Kinneret)  makes it especially attractive for groups of tourists and families wishing to enjoy one of the most beautiful and sought-after areas in Israel. The village is built in the style of a Club: around you are expansive lawns, tempting swimming pools and well maintained ornamental corners, all of which blend together into a beautiful resort, creating a relaxed atmosphere that will help you to leave your worries behind.

A true Paradise for children and parents

We know that vacation is also for parents. At the Maagan Eden Holiday Village the children will be able to enjoy themselves and play, while their parents are able to relax, rest and enjoy knowing that their children are safe and happy. The large grassy areas, safe facilities and magical tranquility make the Holiday Village perfect for people of every age. In addition, we offer a variety of activities and attractions both for parents and for children; you can easily get directly from the Village to a selection of interesting sites and location; go for fascinating walks; take a dip in the nearby thermo-mineral baths; and just relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

Conferences, seminars and fun days

Looking for a special place to hold a fun day or a business conference? Do you want your employees and guests to be able to enjoy the delightful landscape and pleasant atmosphere on the shores of the Sea of Galilee? Maagan Eden Holiday Village invites you to hold conferences, seminars, workshops and fun days for organizations and companies in an environment which is different from everything you have been familiar with until now, alongside the excellent service that we provide. This is also an opportunity to make full use of the upgraded Dining Room, suitable for up to 300 guests, which has huge windows that provides a panoramic view of the beautiful Sea of Galilee.