About Us

About Maagan Eden:
The Maagan Eden resort was established by members of Kibbutz Maagan in 1969 and during its formative years it served as a camp site for those with tents or caravans.
Over the years, the site has been revamped and developed, and it has become a beautiful resort vacation spot for the entire family – the leading one in the vicinity of the Sea of Galilee – set in a beautiful rustic atmosphere.

Maagan Eden is characterized by beautiful scenery and unique architectural design, with a “club” style. It is a well-designed holiday complex featuring plenty of grassy areas, pools and gardens, all of which blend harmoniously, providing guests with the perfect holiday vibe.

Maagan Eden is located on the southern shore of the Sea of Galilee, the most popular area in Israel for family and group vacations.

The resort is true to its name: It is a Garden of Eden for children and the entire family, with a range of activities, both on site and in the vicinity. From the resort you’ll be able to head out for interesting trips or activities in the area, take a dip in the adjacent thermal mineral baths or simply enjoy the lovely sunset at the end of a fun, relaxing day.

Many groups stay at Maagan Eden during the year, holding conferences, seminars, meetings and other events in a unique setting.

The Maagan Eden resort hopes to grant you a unique and enjoyable vacation experience, in the heart of nature, while emphasizing excellent service and genuine hospitality for each and every guest.